On cut hair (or a meditation on identity)

For a while, I told myself that I would cut my hair to express mourning. I liked the idea of physically showing inner turmoil after the death of a family member, an outside change to reflect the inside like the ancient Greeks or Prince Zuko. Removing choice from the equation felt simpler: if someone dies, then I cut my hair. No decision to be made and no discussion or feedback to elicit.

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Eugene Kim On Death

Eugene Kim! Eugene is a rising second year medical student at USF, a coach of crossfit and crew, and the initiator of this podcast! This week, Mackenzi Frost (previous On Death interviewee) turns the four prompts on your usual host for a delightful and sometimes rambling conversation on teaching versus coaching, love versus fear, and the value of a practice.

I hope you enjoy! 🙂

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Randall Sheffield On Death

This week On Death, we chat with Randall Sheffield and hear his responses to the four prompts! Randy is one of my best friends within medical school, and an outstanding coach and athlete. Thoughtful, kind, and humble a few ways to describe him. During this delightful conversation, we talk about travel, love, and family.

I hope you enjoy!

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