Nicho Watts On Death

Nicho Watts! Nicho is a 30yo father, Christian, and trader. I grew up with Nicho as a childhood friend and we have been loosely following each other since high school graduation.

During this conversation, we discuss his return to Christianity, the importance of stories and archetypes for a developing mind, and why he wants his death to feel like taking off a watch.

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Suzie Marschhausen On Death

Suzie Marschhausen! Suzie is a 28yo mother, writer, and coach. I attended high school with Suzie and have been watching her personal and spiritual journey from afar. During this conversation, we discuss her recent Ayahuasca ceremony, the difficulty of releasing attachment as a new parent, and how the pain of abandonment takes on a new meaning for her.

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On funereal and familial reflections (or the beginning of Intern Year)

I went back home to NH for my paternal grandmother’s funeral. She died about a month ago. She was cremated down in TN. Her ashes were brought down to her daughters in FL. Then, she flew up to NH for this memorial and burial service.

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