Scott H On Death Once Again

Scott H! Scott is a 30yo follower of Christ, family medicine resident, and realist. In the two years since our first conversation, he has experienced a truly wild ride to earn the title of physician.

During this interview, we discuss the lows associated with failing two board exams, how identifying with his faith kept him above water, and why he never considered himself a suicide risk when he wasn’t sure he would graduate medical school.

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Pamela Wible On Death

Pamela Wible! Pamela is a 51yo family medicine physician, emotional bungee jumper, and expert on physician suicide. I met Pamela as a keynote speaker on the topic of why doctors are killing themselves. We caught up and decided to record an interview for the podcast! 

During this conversation, we discuss her fondest childhood memories in a morgue with her father, how a pediatrician’s funeral service woke her up to the epidemic of physician suicide, and why she released her book on Juneteenth with endless optimism for a day that can change everything.

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