Michael Douglas On Death – 20191010

Michael Douglas! Michael is a 53yo primitive skills teacher, community mentor, and educator. I met him at his Maine Primitive Skills School and have been following his work ever since. We do not discuss the decade-old charge against him: please listen to the intro for further details. During this conversation, we discuss the importance of shared story, how community reverses entropy, and why the sacred question should guide us all.

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Rashad Malik Davis On Death – 20180329

Rashad Malik Davis! Rashad is a 26yo creative, lover of stories, and story-teller. I met Rashad during my undergraduate years at Tufts University, and I’ve quietly kept tabs on him ever since. He recently published his first illustrated children’s book, Carefree Like Me!, one that I highly recommend reading as he promotes empathy, compassion, and diversity through a heartfelt story. In this conversation, we discuss the painful genesis and healing journey of his book, his deeply rooted spirituality, and the importance of representation in the stories that we tell.

I hope you enjoy! 🙂

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On necessary brevity (or the beginning of Consult Liaison Psych)

Spent the weekend in Boston for a good friend’s wedding. Bachelor party was this past March, and it was wonderful to close the loop on this experience. A great time, however I am totally spent and done and so tired, just need six hours of naps. Quick REPS check-in and back to the hospital grind.

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