Eugene Kim On Death

Eugene Kim! Eugene is a rising second year medical student at USF, a coach of crossfit and crew, and the initiator of this podcast! This week, Mackenzi Frost (previous On Death interviewee) turns the four prompts on your usual host for a delightful and sometimes rambling conversation on teaching versus coaching, love versus fear, and the value of a practice.

I hope you enjoy! 🙂

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Eugene is…
a student,
a writer,
and a coach.

Before Eugene dies, he wants…
to be a grandfather,
to see change in the world,
and for love to outweigh fear.

When Eugene dies, he wants…
to return to the collective consciousness.

After Eugene dies, he wants…
the experiments of technology, civilization, mammals, and life to flourish sustainably.

In conclusion, Eugene says…


Practice regularly and don’t take any days off. It doesn’t matter what you’re practicing, just that you are practicing for the sake of practice, not the outcome, not for what it’ll look like, but for the simple act of your practice.


Whether you are practicing the didgeridoo, or slacklining, or love, or basketweaving, the simple act of practicing will make you more mindful. It will give you a reason to be. 

Finding your practice, the way that your practice can affect the world, is easy once you have practiced and you have a practice. But, if you don’t practice anything, if you don’t have any jewel, if you can’t bring that jewel of yourself, of your consciousness, out into the world, then you can’t change the world.

So, just practice.”

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