On psychiatry in neurology

I walked into her room and gave her the spiel: “So, I can either word vomit everything I’ve read about you in the chart, and you can correct me as we go along, or you can tell me your story, which I’m sure you’ve done many times already.”

Most patients appreciate the out; they’ve spent the past 12hrs repeating the same story to the newest person to walk into the room. Most patients take me up on the chance to correct the young guy in the white coat and sit back as he tells them their own story.

The patient, M, declined and dove headfirst into her story.

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Mackenzi Kim On Death Once Again

Mackenzi Kim Returns! Mackenzi is a 27yo mother, 4th year medical student, and future family medicine physician. In the intervening three years since her initial interview (the first ever On Death episode!), she dove headfirst into a relationship, married her partner, and birthed a wonderful son.

During this emotionally vulnerable conversation, we discuss her lessons from the deaths of family members, what she has learned from a few months of motherhood, and how she imagines a wonderful reunion with loved ones after death.

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On revisiting a placeholder

Spring is in the air in Coopersburg, PA. I see bulbs pushing out new growth. The sun has been warm. Next week is the Equinox. We have shut down the fireplace (partially because the chimney is clogged, partially because the weather no longer calls for a large, constant fire).

This week, I’ll revisit the placeholder bullet-points from the previous reflection. I’m going to rejigger the order, because some are more personal and I think should take priority, and others are more for my own documentation of events and a ‘recipe’ for future gatherings.

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