Randall Sheffield On Death

This week On Death, we chat with Randall Sheffield and hear his responses to the four prompts! Randy is one of my best friends within medical school, and an outstanding coach and athlete. Thoughtful, kind, and humble a few ways to describe him. During this delightful conversation, we talk about travel, love, and family.

I hope you enjoy!

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Randall is…
who he is,
Randall Sheffield,
a culmination of his past trials and tribulations,
sometimes a man of few words,
and a continuous, growing spiritual being.

Before Randall dies, he wants…
to change someone’s life for the better,
to be an inspiration to help people,
to get out and explore,
to see and experience different cultures,
and to find a true love and passion.

When Randall dies, he wants…
to be cremated and have his ashes spread around a few different places,
and his family to have a big-ass party.

After Randall dies, he wants…
people to celebrate the life he had,
and his story to reach somebody after he’s gone.

In conclusion, Randall says…

“Relax a little more. And just enjoy every moment you have and every situation whether it be good or bad. Because it’s going to lead you down the path you’re destined to take. Enjoy the ride and hang on.”

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