Kristin Clague Reihman On Death

Kristin Clague Reihman! Kristin is a 47yo physician, healer, and mother. She serves as a coach for students in my medical school program, and that’s how I met her during first year. I’ve been looking forward to this conversation, which we recorded in the room she birthed her fourth child. In this interview, we discuss the death of her mother when she was eighteen, her own near death experience fraught with pain, and how her spirituality is connecting with others.

I hope you enjoy! 🙂

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Kristin is…
a being of light having a human experience moving through the physical plane and figuring that whole thing out,
a human,
a mother,
a daughter,
a sister,
a friend,
a doctor,
a witch doctor according to some people,
a teacher,
a healer,
a learner,
a gardener,
a singer,
an aunt,
and a cousin.

Before Kristin dies, she wants…
to surf and play guitar,
to see all of her children unfold for as long as she can,
to travel again with her husband,
to bounce more,
and to stay in connection with her intention.

When Kristin dies, she wants…
no pain,
to be in a place that is her home at the time,
to host a giant party,
and everyone to be cool with it.

After Kristin dies, she wants…
people to awaken to their divinity.

In conclusion, Kristin says…

“To the humans, I stuck around for fun and to co-create something really awesome. And I don’t really know what that is yet, but I really want to be part of a planet where we are all looking for the things in life that allow us to cultivate bliss.

If you want to play in that playground with me, let’s think about that together. Let’s shine our light and do the things that we love, make choices that bring joy to ourselves and those around us because how fun would that be?”

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  1. 19 years I battled lyme…. 19 years of torture. Agonizing torture ✨🤙🏼❤️I started my IG and blog account a few years ago for my son when I was dying… I wanted to leave him with memories and wisdom… then an incredible miracle happened and I healed (I write about it at And we post live updates on Facebook at Crazy Trailblazers.) The account then became more for me to relearn life and start enjoying every moment ❤️

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