Eric Garza On Death

Eric Garza! Eric Garza is a 41yo professor, hunter, and suicide survivor. I met Eric online through primitive skills and ancestral plant groups, and his podcast A Worldview Apart caught my interest for his unique decolonization perspective. He speaks like a professor and as you’ll learn during this interview, has many diverse interests and skills from bow-making to inner tracking.

During this conversation, we discuss hunting as connection to landscape, pushing ourselves to take the shot and learn the skills, and the near death experience of his suicide attempt.

I hope you enjoy! 🙂

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Eric is…
a lot of things,
a professor at a university,
a hunter,
a suicide survivor,
and a loving friend to a lot of people.

Before Eric dies, he wants…
to raise a family,
and to kill a deer with a bow he made himself.

When Eric dies, he wants…
it to be a learning experience for those he is close to.

After Eric dies, he wants…
to have a better understanding of how the universe works and what his place in that was,
to know if there’s this reincarnation thing,
and people who are close to him and had a chance to know him to continue on with their lives as if they matter.

In conclusion, Eric says…

“I got a podcast, it’s called A Worldview Apart, you can listen to it on most podcatchers. I have a website,, you can find ways to connect with me on social media if you go there my handle on Facebook and Instagram and Twitter is ericgarza76.

I live in the northeast, so if people are around and ever feel like looking me up and going to a workshop or something like that, always happy to meet folks and chat in person.

Online is wonderful in that it creates opportunities to connect with people who are far away, but have to face conversations are always a whole lot nicer.”

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