Michael Caron On Death

Michael Caron! Michael is a 40yo father, coach, and motivator. I met Michael while at a yoga teacher training and we have kept in touch ever since. I chose this time to interview him because of the recent birth of his son, Stadler, who was 1mo old at the time.

We dive deep into one of the hardest months of his life, with the death of a life-long friend as a result of brain cancer and the loss of his matriarch grandmother. He read the eulogy at both services and I’m sure the stories will leave an impression on you, like they did me.

Additionally during this energizing conversation, we discuss his formative years through a semester at sea, the wonder of being a new father while being present for a stepdaughter, and his philosophy on leadership and self-development.

I hope you enjoy! 🙂

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Michael is…
truly grateful and honored to be on this podcast right here in this moment,
an incredibly proud and fortunate husband, father, and son,
someone who is compelled and acts on being the change they want to see in this world,
ready to lead and ready to follow,
a servant leader,
and commitment.

Before Michael dies, he wants…
be the best husband and dad that he can be,
create experiences for his children that enrich their lives in the most authentic way possible,
to be a great friend,
to be a great uncle,
to be a great son,
to continue to honor the friendships and the family ties that he has,
to continue to be gracious and to have gratitude for all those that he comes into contact with,
and to motivate, encourage, and inspire as many people as he possibly can to be the best versions of themselves.

When Michael dies, he wants…
to be surrounded by his family,
and to be with his family.

After Michael dies, he wants…
to be with any of his loved ones that has passed before him,
and people to say, if they’ve met him or if he’s impacted them in some way, that he made their life better.

In conclusion, Michael says…

There are three cornerstone values and principles that have permeated my life and were the founding principles of Get Burly, and they are three words:

and Commitment.

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