Aleks Bacewicz On Death

Aleks Bacewicz! Aleks is a 28yo fourth year medical student, future psychiatrist, and dancer. I rotated through Consult Liaison Psychiatry with her and we both grappled with a difficult case. During this conversation, we discuss her Polish heritage, her love of pole, and her restorative Sunday practices.

I hope you enjoy! 🙂

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Aleks is…
a dancer,
a female,
and a writer.

Before Aleks dies, she wants…
to open up to new experiences and people,
to take her partner hiking and camping many, many times,
and to get to know her family members more.

When Aleks dies, she wants…
to feel at peace.

After Aleks dies, she wants…
people who love her to feel peace,
and to become one with everything.

In conclusion, Aleks says…

“Stop and think about your life. The question for me was: What moment in time were you in a flow state? Where did you not think about time?

Whatever that thing was, make sure you hold onto it because that is a true, honest expression of who you are and no one else can replicate that.”

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