Chris On Death

Chris! Chris is a 38yo future family man, survivor, and question mark. When I moved to Coopersburg, the first person I met would later shoot Chris five times. He survived the wounds to his leg, arm, and head and six months out, he is well on his way to a full physical recovery.

During this conversation, we discuss the mental and emotional recovery from such a traumatic experience. We talk about his feelings towards his uncle, the shooter. And most of all, we ruminate on this opportunity to change, the shift in perspective after a brush with death, and how he plans to move forward with his life.

I hope you enjoy! 🙂

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Chris is…
something new,
a question mark,
and confused.

Before Chris dies, he wants…
a family.

When Chris dies, he wants…
to not have any relational issues with his family,
and people to be at peace with him.

After Chris dies, he wants…
people to be happy that they had him in their life,
and an education for his kids.

In conclusion, Chris says…

“Going through something that is as physically and mentally altering as being shot by a family member and surviving it presents its own set of challenges.

This is traumatic physically but you can’t ignore the mental. Don’t ignore it.

The physical healing is definitely the easiest part. Your body will do that for you.

The mental stuff is a lot more complicated.”

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