Diego Gomez On Death

This week On Death, we listen to Diego Gomez‘s responses to the four prompts! He’s a lovely fellow and an educated Christian, in many ways. We talk about how he found and accepted his faith, and what he hopes to do before he dies.

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Diego is…
a sinner saved by grace through faith,
a mutt,
and caring for people.

Before Diego dies, he wants…
to know that he brought glory to God’s name,
to plant a church,
and to put his mother in a house of her own, on her own land.

When Diego dies, he wants…
his last words to be a worship of his savior,
to be in His presence,
and to know that his life was not in praise to himself.

After Diego dies, he wants…
to leave his kids an inheritance,
to serve and love his wife well,
his imprint to be that of his faith,
and to reconcile with his father.

In conclusion, Diego says…

“There’s nothing in this world that’s going to fulfill what you’re looking for. Nothing. The only thing or person that’s going to fill that empty void in your heart is Jesus. I plead that whoever’s listening to this would look into who Christ was and who He is.”

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