Tavia Rahki Smith On Death

This week, we sit down with Tavia Rahki Smith! She’s a lovely friend of a friend with an exuberance and zest for life about her, and I am so glad I got to hear her responses to the four prompts! This is also the first podcast with a live audience, and that definitely enhanced the experience for me as an interviewer. Check this out! I think you’ll enjoy our deep dive On Death 🙂

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Tavia is…
a blip,
a manifestation of the universe in a body,
a light,
and sensitive.

Before Tavia dies, she wants…
to break a lot of physical and mental barriers,
to share everything she’s learned,
a family,
a biological child,
to get rid of all her earthly possessions,
and to do ayahuasca.

When Tavia dies, she wants…
to cremate her body or donate her body to science,
to be healthy,
it to be a choice.

After Tavia dies, she wants…
to not want anything,
her essence to be free,
her loved ones to learn something from her life,
the world to not get sick and croak.

In conclusion, Tavia says…

Love is a verb. I think that there’s a world inside you that you have to explore and it’s amazing and once you decide that and believe it, it’s like you’re reborn into this other place and it’s so exciting and I want everyone to feel that and live that.

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