On newborn reflections (or baby chronicles: Part Five)

So much has occurred over the past 13 days of life. I could write dozens of 500+word reflections without scrubbing the bottom of the pot for material. However, as a new parent of a newborn, I have neither the energy nor the dedicated time to start such an endeavor. So rather than jumping headlong into one topic, I will list some quick points to broadly cover the gamut of the past two weeks. Also, this better reflects my scatter-brained mind-space.

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On a tale of eight data points (or Step One: a post-mortem)

20170401CBSSA Form 16175
20170409CBSSA Form 15203
20170416CBSSA Form 18192
20170422CBSSA Form 17205

UWorld 56% (cumulative correct)

20170519Step One209

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