On mixed findings (or the beginning of Internal Medicine)

This week, I have heard aortic valve stenosis, observed a masterful tobacco cessation counseling session, and asked an avalanche of questions. I’ve also seen a physician stare at his computer and issue clipped, close-ended questions to a frustrated Spanish-speaking patient.

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On quiet transitions (or the end of second year)

I’ve spent the past few days with family in New Hampshire and the previous week trying to settle back down and into the Coopersburg, PA home after the explosive bit of violence the prior weekend. I’ve been trying to relax and unwind to reset after that experience. To the point that I delayed coming up to NH because I didn’t want to rush out of PA; I wanted something resembling resolution before leaving our third roommate alone there over the long Memorial Day Weekend.

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On the other side (or 2 days since Step One)

On Thursday, I slept in Philadelphia with my partner at a small Airbnb near the testing center. On Friday, we sat for Step One and drove home to Coopersburg in a post-test daze. On Saturday, we started our morning to gunfire, a wounded man, and chaos.

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Rahul Paul On Death

Rahul Paul! Rahul is a 26yo Hindu-raised Bangladeshi, a third year medical student interested in emergency medicine, and a scientist. During this conversation, we discuss the relatable story of Krishna, the value of earned perspective, and why you should breathe into your balls.

I hope you enjoy! 🙂

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