Talha Rashid On Death

Talha Rashid! Talha is a 27yo second year medical student, a Muslim, and a pessimist. As a quiet and reserved classmate, I’ve been itching to sit him down for an interview and to learn about his past. In this conversation, we cover the passing of his grandmother, Oblivion, and how Pakistani corruption formed the basis of his moral code.

I hope you enjoy! 🙂

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Usman Ahmad On Death

Usman Ahmad! Usman is a 29yo second year medical student at the University of South Florida, an advocate, and thoughtful human. In this conversation, we talk about everything from a possible Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis, to firearm research, his Muslim upbringing, and everything in between. You’ll hear his thoughtfulness and gratitude for life in his responses to the four prompts.

I hope you enjoy! 🙂

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Jasmine Kashkoush On Death

Jasmine Kashkoush! Jasmine is a first year medical student, a Muslim, and incredibly insightful despite her age of 22. She is family-oriented, wants children, and the passing of her grandparents has informed her perspective on death.

I know you’ll dig this lovely conversation, please enjoy!

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Ali-Musa Jaffer On Death

This week On Death, we hear Ali’s thoughtful and well-versed thoughts on the four prompts! He’s a fellow medical student at USF, and we met during the first days of classes. Since then, he’s invited me to Friday prayers, and we’ve had some excellent conversations. I knew he’d be a great guest: he did not disappoint!

Sit back, and enjoy 🙂

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