Rahul Paul On Death

Rahul Paul! Rahul is a 26yo Hindu-raised Bangladeshi, a third year medical student interested in emergency medicine, and a scientist. During this conversation, we discuss the relatable story of Krishna, the value of earned perspective, and why you should breathe into your balls.

I hope you enjoy! πŸ™‚

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Pooja Jayaprakash On Death

Pooja Jayaprakash! Pooja is 23yo second year medical student and Indian woman with a liberal arts background. I met Pooja during the first week of med school and I have known that she would make an outstanding guest on the podcast. During this conversation, we discuss growing up Indian in Utah, imagining her mixed-race children, resisting the draw of medicine, and the death of her 109yo grandfather with his complicated legacy.

I hope you enjoy! πŸ™‚

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Preethi Rajan On Death

This week, we listen toΒ Preethi Rajan‘s responses to the four prompts!

She’s a first year medical student without a science degree (big deal!), the daughter of immigrants, as well as a thoughtful lady with a depth of life experience. We talk about arranged marriages, breaking bad news, and love. She currently aspires to be a pediatrician, and also actively performs with Say Ahh! Capella, a USF Health student acapella group.

Preethi’s responses will leave you thinking, and I hope you enjoy!

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