On delaying the inevitable (or 18 days to Step One)

The new moon is Wednesday and I planned to sit for Step One on Tuesday. Instead, a rough practice exam last weekend shook my confidence and forced re-evaluation. Step is coming, but am I ready?

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Kristen Prosen On Death

Kristen Prosen! Kristen is a 26yo herbalist, yoga teacher, and scared white woman. I’ve had the pleasure of learning Thai yoga massage from her and she teaches with grace and understanding. In this conversation, we discuss the universal relationship of plants, activism through addressing cultural bias, and the death of her grandmother.

I hope you enjoy! 🙂

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On a tree a day


Southern Live Oak

Walking outside my apartment with fresh eyes, I realized that this practice would be two-fold: for my eyes and for my limbs. My eyes are drawn to exciting trees with high ledges and interesting branches. Unfortunately, at this stage in my monkey-ing about, my eyes serve up a meal larger than my limbs can process. For these trees near my apartment, well-manicured live oaks with strong limbs at least four feet off the ground, the difficulty seems to lie in the first move. I think to myself, ‘If only I could get to that first branch!’ while grabbing hold of a crook here and placing my bare foot there and ineffectively throwing my weight into the air.

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On the road, from FL to KY (or summer travels: Part One)

What follows is a lightly edited and mostly stream-of-consciousness travel log of my journey from Florida to California and back again.

20160516 – Monday

Yesterday my partner and I drove from JAX to ATL, about a six hour journey, through some side roads and away from the highly populated areas. This was awesome in that we got lovely rolling hills, small amounts of traffic, and a relaxing driving experience but this also meant we were without cell service! Something we’d need to get used to on this journey 🙂

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