Jerel Mair On Death Once Again

Jerel Mair Once Again! Jerel is a 30yo follower of Christ, soon-to-be physician, and black man. Since the initial interview two and a half years ago, Jerel has joined the workforce and is currently preparing for the MCAT to enter medical school.

During this conversation, we discuss the trap of the greasy rope, why he revels in talking to other humans, and what he learned from the deaths of his grandparents who served as his parents.

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Stephen Grow On Death

Stephen Grow! Stephen is a father of two, a follower of Christ, and a loving husband. In this conversation, we discuss the difficulties and benefits of homeschooling, the difference between being a Christian and having a relationship with Jesus, and how a hug can change a life.

I hope you enjoy! 🙂

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Bansi Savla On Death

Bansi Savla! Bansi is a medical student, a Jain, and an incredibly thoughtful 22-year-old. During this lovely conversation, we talk about time, death, her faith, all in a way that is relatable and digs at essential truths.

I hope you enjoy! 🙂

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Jerel Mair On Death

This week, we sit down with Jerel Mair and listen to his responses On Death! He’s a lovely fellow, I met him through CrossFit Gaspar, and he subsequently invited me with open arms to his church, Aletheia in New Tampa. Jerel is a warm and old soul, and I think it shows in our conversation. We talk about his Christian faith, his upbringing, and how he wants to be remembered!

I hope you enjoy 🙂

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Diego Gomez On Death

This week On Death, we listen to Diego Gomez‘s responses to the four prompts! He’s a lovely fellow and an educated Christian, in many ways. We talk about how he found and accepted his faith, and what he hopes to do before he dies.

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