Suzie Marschhausen On Death

Suzie Marschhausen! Suzie is a 28yo mother, writer, and coach. I attended high school with Suzie and have been watching her personal and spiritual journey from afar. During this conversation, we discuss her recent Ayahuasca ceremony, the difficulty of releasing attachment as a new parent, and how the pain of abandonment takes on a new meaning for her.

Suzie is…
a creator,
and everything.

Before Suzie dies, she wants…
to know and live the truth of who she is,
and to have faith in her soul’s purpose to truly follow that path.

When Suzie dies, she wants…
to be fearless,
and to release loved ones from attachment.

After Suzie dies, she wants…
to do it all over again.

In conclusion, Suzie says…

“You are unconditionally loved. You are supported in every way possible that you could ever possibly imagine. You have everything you need right inside of you. I would pray that you are able to open yourself up to this. To experience life as the heaven that it is meant to be. Because we are all everything. We are all one.”

You can find Suzie’s writings and connect with her directly at her website:

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