Randall Sheffield On Death Once Again

Randall Sheffield! Randall is a 29yo doctor of physical therapy, yogi, and friend. Since our previous conversation about 18mo ago, Randall has graduated from PT school, developed himself spiritually, and stepped into his role as a speaker and teacher. During this conversation, we discuss how Gainesville, FL kicked off his spiritual journey, why he hasn’t touched a barbell in weeks, and Randall relates a recent brush with mortality off the beach of Costa Rica.

I hope you enjoy! 🙂

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Randall is…
this being,
this energetic source,
and here right now living the best life he can.

Before Randall dies, he wants…
to affect a million people,
and to go to a slackline festival out in Utah.

When Randall dies, he wants…
it to be peaceful,
and to be with his family and friends.

After Randall dies, he wants…
to be buried with the trees.

In conclusion, Randall says…

“To anyone listening that may be dealing with something that they have weighing on their heart, I would tell them to run at it head on, to go for it, to take the risk, because you never know until you try.

Yes, it may be scary, it may be frightening, there may be a whole lotta fear.

But in essence, you looking at it and you just being, ‘alright yeah this is scary, but this is what I feel like I’m here to do,’ and by acting out of courage or faith, whatever you want to call it, taking that initial step, the universe will back you up and will help you get you to where you need to go.”

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