On the Education of a Physician

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2016 – Year One

Kindle Edition

2017 – Year Two

Kindle Edition

2018 – Year Three

Kindle Edition

2016 – Year One

Cover_Full_Photoshop No Logos

MS1: Course One

MS1: Fall Break

MS1: Course Two

MS1: Winter Break

MS1: Course Three

MS1: Course Four

MS1: Summer Interlude

2017 – Year Two

Cover_Full_Photoshop Y2

MS2: Intro

MS2: Course Five

MS2: Fall Break

MS2: Course Six

MS2: Winter Break

MS2: Course Seven

MS2: Step One

MS2: Outro

2018 – Year Three

Cover_Full_Photoshop Y3-B

MS3: Intro

MS3: Internal Medicine

MS3: Neuro/Psych

MS3: Women’s Health/Pediatrics

MS3: Winter Break

MS3: Women’s Health/Pediatrics, Cont’d

MS3: Spring Break

MS3: Surgery

MS3: Outro

2019 – Year Four

Cover_Full_Photoshop Y4

MS4: Prologue and Step Two

MS4: Adult Inpatient Psych

MS4: Child/Adolescent Inpatient Psych

MS4: Hospice/Palliative Care

MS4: Interview Season