Kristen Prosen On Death [REPOST]

Kristen Prosen! Kristen is a 26yo herbalist, yoga teacher, and scared white woman. I’ve had the pleasure of learning Thai yoga massage from her and she teaches with grace and understanding. In this conversation, we discuss the universal relationship of plants, activism through addressing cultural bias, and the death of her grandmother.

I hope you enjoy! 🙂

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On parental physicality (or baby chronicles: Part Nine)

To train for parenthood, I would recommend a training regimen of carrying a 15# dumbbell or kettlebell. Varying methods of holding the object, maybe by the handle, cradled against the chest, or even gentle dancing. Doesn’t matter, just keep holding it and don’t put it down.

Carry this object for increasing amounts of time. Maybe start with one accumulated hour of carrying every day. Build up to a few long (30+min) holds in there. Keep that thing close and with you all day.

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Dane Rahaman-Singh On Death [REPOST]

Dane Rahaman-Singh! Dane is a 22yo shaman, martial artist, and mutual friend of previous guest Tavia Rahki Smith. I met Dane a few weeks ago and he’s definitely on my list of interesting folks to keep tabs on. In this conversation we talk about the recent passing of his best friend, the path of a shaman, and why he’s an optimist.

I hope you enjoy! 🙂

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On Death 2018 Season Retrospective

This week, I reflect on the first discrete season of the On Death Podcast!

During this solo-cast, I review the 19 wonderful and intimate interviews that comprised this 2018 Season.

Then, I provide some sneak previews into the 2019 Season ahead.

Happy Winter Solstice! I hope that your year dies gracefully and your year begins well.

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