Michael Vasconez On Death

Michael Vasconez! Michael is a 31yo lifestyle coach, USMC combat veteran, and philosopher. I enjoy flotation therapy regularly at Michael’s home, and find a kindred spirit in him. During this conversation, we discuss why he pressed people’s buttons as an adolescent, how his brother’s suicide drove him into the Marine Corps, and how the plant medicine ayahausca forced him to confront his years of infidelity and begin a new chapter with his spouse.

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Lucy Horton On Death – 20170904

Lucy Horton! Lucy is a 72yo hippy, an activist, and an entrepreneur. I met Lucy through an attending physician, Dr. Dehoff, and I am glad to bring her perspective to the podcast. During this conversation, we discuss her cross country ramblings as a young hippy, her 15yrs on a commune in Vermont with 18 other people, joining an Episcopal Church because she wanted to attend school on Sundays, and serving as a volunteer escort for women’s health clinics.

I hope you enjoy! 🙂

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