Nic Werbeckes On Death

Nic Werbeckes! Nic is a 26yo fourth year medical student, recovering Catholic, and thinker. I met Nic when he presented on mindfulness during my first year orientation and I’ve been quietly waiting to interview him since the inception of this podcast. He does not disappoint! During this heady conversation, we discuss the dance between chaos and order, the importance of harmony, and the impact of his grandfather’s death.

I hope you enjoy! 🙂

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Nic is…
the process of discovery that my consciousness is experiencing,
a balance of chaos and order,
and a being within a biological system.

Before Nic dies, he wants…
to find harmony
and to help others do the same.

When Nic dies, he wants…
to be okay with it,
and to look back.

After Nic dies, he wants…
curiosity to continue.

In conclusion, Nic says…

“Continue to see, in yourself, growth in areas you’d like to see yourself grow.”

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