Morgan Allen On Death – 2020MAY21

Morgan Allen! Morgan is a 30yo weightlifter, dog mom, and daughter. I met Morgan through her fiance, John Foley, my good friend and previous interviewee for the podcast.

During this conversation, we discuss her father’s death by suicide, the evolution of her family dynamics, and the hurdles to starting her own family. 

Morgan is…
a literal person,
a girl,
a sister,
a daughter,
a fiancee,
a dog mom,
and a weight lifter.

Before Morgan dies, she wants…
to start a family,
to find her tribe of support systems and friends and people around her,
and to figure out how to have true balance in life

When Morgan dies, she wants…
to die peacefully and not in pain,
and her family and friends to not be left uncomfortable or burdened in anyway by her.

After Morgan dies, she wants…
life to go on.

In conclusion, Morgan says…

Look at everybody around you and be a little bit more open. 

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