Michael Douglas On Death – 20191010

Michael Douglas! Michael is a 53yo primitive skills teacher, community mentor, and educator. I met him at his Maine Primitive Skills School and have been following his work ever since. We do not discuss the decade-old charge against him: please listen to the intro for further details. During this conversation, we discuss the importance of shared story, how community reverses entropy, and why the sacred question should guide us all.

Michael is…
beyond his genetics, the environment he immerses himself in and what he focuses on that environment,
a member of a vibrant community,
a father of a brilliant family,
having fun making it up as he goes,
and trying to find the threads of ancestral wisdom.

Before Michael dies, he wants…
to honor the mentors in his life,
a medicine worker on every street corner,
at least one of his butternut trees to produce butternuts,
and people to realize that you’re not going to be young forever and how you treat your elders is going to come back and haunt you.

When Michael dies, he wants…
a peaceful transition surrounded by his loved ones,
a beautiful sunset,
to end it when he started it,
three years before he goes,
a glass of red wine,
to make a collection of music,
and all his ducks in a row.

After Michael dies, he wants…
to surrender this energy that’s been moving this body around toward where it can make the greatest good,
and to see the pendulum not swing so harshly from left to right all the time.

In conclusion, Michael says…

In spite of all the crazy, love.

For an article regarding the charges against Michael and the subsequent jury decision to drop the charges, please see this link.

Here’s a link to the Maine Primitive Skills School, which Michael runs and operates.

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