Matt Michaud On Death – 2020OCT

Matt Michaud! Matt is a 35yo firefighter, paramedic, CrossFit affiliate owner, father, and husband. I met Matt when I lived in NH and I had the great privilege of coaching at his CrossFit gym, EverProven CrossFit. In this conversation, we discuss how he processed the recent news of his wife’s breast cancer diagnosis, the unexpected dangers associated with firefighting, and how his children help him leave those dangers at work. 

Matt is…
a firefighter/paramedic,
a CrossFit affiliate owner,
a father,
and a husband.

Before Matt dies, he wants…
to set up his family for success,
to live his life as a good person,
and to go and experience things.

When Matt dies, he wants…
to be surrounded by people he cares about.

After Matt dies, he wants…
to be remembered by his family in a positive way,
and things in his life that live on.

In conclusion, Matt says…

“If you are somebody who is having a tough time in your life and you want to get yourself out of the predicament you are in, I think one thing you can do to make everything better is to see where you can help others because you’ll get satisfaction out of that and it is going to feel very rewarding and help you feel better about who you are and what you are. And it’s going to dictate who you are going to become in the future.”

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