Mackenzi Kim On Death Once Again

Mackenzi Kim Returns! Mackenzi is a 27yo mother, 4th year medical student, and future family medicine physician. In the intervening three years since her initial interview (the first ever On Death episode!), she dove headfirst into a relationship, married her partner, and birthed a wonderful son.

During this emotionally vulnerable conversation, we discuss her lessons from the deaths of family members, what she has learned from a few months of motherhood, and how she imagines a wonderful reunion with loved ones after death.

Mackenzi is…
a student,
and becoming.

Before Mackenzi dies, she wants…
to effect positive change,
to see her children grow up and leave the house,
to physically see more parts of the world,
to continue learning and growing,
and to foster greater connections and deeper relationships.

When Mackenzi dies, she wants…
a moment to accept what’s happening.

After Mackenzi dies, she wants…
those she loves to have a level of comfort in their lives,
humanity to get their shit together,
and to join that collective.

In conclusion, Mackenzi says…

“Life is an incredible opportunity. Just enjoy it. Enjoy that opportunity. Take it and don’t squander it. Love as much as you can. Learn as much as you can. Do as much as you can.”

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