Keaton Fletcher On Death

Keaton Fletcher! Keaton is a doctoral candidate, a singer, and an optimist. I met Keaton while coaching and he always stood out as a beacon of positivity and good vibes. During this conversation, we talk about his near death experience, the awe of visiting Rome for the first time, the luxury of optimism, and the joy of mentoring.

I hope you enjoy! 🙂

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Keaton is…
a doctoral candidate in industrial psychology,
and an optimist.

Before Keaton dies, he wants…
to have kids,
and to see the world.

When Keaton dies, he wants…
there to be something after,
the funeral to have choral music,
and to be the first one in his nuclear family.

After Keaton dies, he wants…
to be remembered,
and his family to heal.

In conclusion, Keaton says…

“I would start by saying, ‘I love you.’ I think that fits really nicely. I might not have met you yet, but I love that you are here, that you are doing something that I know has touched my life in some capacity.

Take time out of your day to think about how you love others and how you can express it because you never know when death is going to occur.”

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