Julia Rauchfuss On Death

Julia Rauchfuss! Julia is a medical student (MS3 now, MS2 during recording in March), a sister, and a daughter. In this conversation, we cover why she’s a dreamer, how she wants to reuse her organs after death, and what family means to her.

I hope you enjoy! 🙂

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Julia is…
a dreamer,
a friend,
a speck of life,
and a daughter.

Before Julia dies, she wants…
to pay it forward,
a family,
and to be happy.

When Julia dies, she wants…
to be surrounded by loved ones,
her loved ones to let her go,
and to lose consciousness first.

After Julia dies, she wants…
to leave a legacy of humanistic optimism,
her family to be happy and content,
and her organs to be reused.

In conclusion, Julia says…

“Be less stressed out… It’s gonna be okay. Just keep having laughs with your friends. Hang out with all your friends as much as you can. Go to the beach more… Learn how to surf.”

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