John Giacalone On Death

John Giacalone! John is a 34yo husband, coach, and observer of patterns. I met John through mutual friends when I tweaked my neck after moving up to PA. Here, he is known as the Mobility Doc and the founder of the Lehigh Valley Barbell Club.

During this conversation, we discuss his vision for the future of both physical medicine and the world at large, speaking with his dying grandfather on the day of his wedding, and why he wants to be the guy that nobody knows.

I hope you enjoy! 🙂

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John is…
a husband,
a coach,
and an observer of patterns.

Before John dies, he wants…
to make sure that everyone he cares about is secure for the rest of their lives.

When John dies, he wants…
people to continue as normal.

After John dies, he wants…
people he cares about to continue on.

In conclusion, John says…

“Find something that you care about so deeply that it causes you to be emotional, something that you connect with so strongly that no matter what it is, make that the thing that you do for the rest of your life”

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