Jerel Mair On Death Once Again

Jerel Mair Once Again! Jerel is a 30yo follower of Christ, soon-to-be physician, and black man. Since the initial interview two and a half years ago, Jerel has joined the workforce and is currently preparing for the MCAT to enter medical school.

During this conversation, we discuss the trap of the greasy rope, why he revels in talking to other humans, and what he learned from the deaths of his grandparents who served as his parents.

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Jerel is
a follower of Christ,
a student of wisdom,
and black.

Before Jerel dies, he wants..
and a clear definition with his family.

When Jerel dies, he wants…
to leave behind a legacy.

After Jerel dies, he wants…
to be with Jesus.

In conclusion, Jerel says…

“I hope that my life was an instrument of God’s design and that my life left no doubt about what I was called here to do. My hope is that you will find the same calling for Christ and follow that same direction.”

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