Jen Rudolph On Death

Jen Rudolph! Jen is a 39yo journeyer, mother, and wife. During this conversation, we discuss why she tries to withhold judgment on other minivans, the peace she felt when her grandfather died in his sleep, and why the death of two cousins serves as a reminder to stay present.

I hope you enjoy!

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Jen is…
on a journey,
the director of precollege opportunity programs at Cornell University,
a mom of three great kids
a wife to a great stay at home dad,
an organizer of people,
a systems thinker,
a sister,
a daughter,
and a grand daughter.

Before Jen die, she wants…
to soak it all up,
to learn as much as she can,
to understand and embrace her journey,
to help her kids grow their confidence,
and to not worry about money.

When Jen dies, she wants…
to ultimately realize what happens when she dies,
to understand what it’s all about,
and to be celebrated.

After Jen dies, she wants…
to fully embrace what comes next.

In conclusion, Jen says…

“On death, on living, on perspective in life, look at it always and sideways and figure out what makes the most sense right in that heart center.”

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