Jasmine Kashkoush On Death

Jasmine Kashkoush! Jasmine is a first year medical student, a Muslim, and incredibly insightful despite her age of 22. She is family-oriented, wants children, and the passing of her grandparents has informed her perspective on death.

I know you’ll dig this lovely conversation, please enjoy!

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Jasmine is…
a sister,
and a Muslim.

Before Jasmine dies, she wants…
to help others,
to apologize to anyone she’s wronged,
her family to know she loves them,
and to travel the world.

When Jasmine dies, she wants…
to not be in pain,
to be surrounded by friends and family,
and to be at peace.

After Jasmine dies, she wants…
those around her to remember her life,
her family and friends to not be upset,
to plant a tree,
the best for her friends and family,
and the world to continue.

In conclusion, Jasmine says…

“Someone out there believes in you: no matter who it is, whether it’s your parents, your friends… I dunno, some random person you met on the street! Someone believes in you and that can really push you to do whatever you want, and even if you don’t believe it yourself, someone does believe in you.”

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