Ian Covell On Death

Ian Covell! Ian is an 18-year-old athlete, soon-to-be college student, and thoughtful human. In this conversation, we talk about the power of risk and jumps, the fine difference between atheism and agnosticism, and the importance of embracing your true emotions.

I know you will enjoy this lovely conversation with a profoundly interesting and unique young person!

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Ian is…
and weak.

Before Ian dies, he wants…
true love,
people to remember his name,
to make a difference on the planet,
and to be himself while doing it.

When Ian dies, he wants…
people to remember him.

After Ian dies, he wants…
to remember his name,
to be buried in a cemetery next to his loved ones,
and to have children that carry on his name.

In conclusion, Ian says…

“Be genuine, be truthful to yourself and to others because that is what is going to be your most prominent trait and what is going to attract others to you.”

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