Dayana Pereira On Death

Dayana Pereira! Dayana is a 43yo Feldenkrais practitioner, co-parent, and transplant from Uruguay. I met Dayana, without actually introducing myself, while we alternated between the sauna and ice bath at her healing and wellness center, Koru Real Wellness.

During this conversation, we discuss the tension between her strict religious school upbringing and the Uruguayan wilderness, the difference between reverence and spirituality, and how working as a living statue in Australia taught her the importance of breath.

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On psychosis and the truth (or the beginning of Inpatient Psychiatry)

The first week down: survived without much fuss. Had a good patient load with a few admissions, a few discharges, and lots of practice developing a treatment plan with the attending. Felt good to participate with this added level of responsibility.

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Nicho Watts On Death

Nicho Watts! Nicho is a 30yo father, Christian, and trader. I grew up with Nicho as a childhood friend and we have been loosely following each other since high school graduation.

During this conversation, we discuss his return to Christianity, the importance of stories and archetypes for a developing mind, and why he wants his death to feel like taking off a watch.

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