Haley Goetz On Death

Haley Goetz! Haley is a rising sophomore in college, almost 19 years old, and an aspiring filmmaker with dreams of changing and exploring the world. I met Haley while coaching for Great Bay Rowing Club: she stood out as a mischievous and thoughtful individual. In this conversation, we talk about the difference between paganism and animism, the beauty of questioning through science-fiction, and what she learned from the passing of her canine companion Buster.

I hope you enjoy!

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Haley is…
a living body inhabiting this earth,
in possession of a mind,
and a very energetic person.

Before Haley dies, she wants…
to promote understanding between people.

When Haley dies, she wants…
to be ready for the next adventure.

After Haley dies, she wants…
to have a film or two or sixteen,
and to not focus on earth for a little bit.

In conclusion, Haley says…

“Listen, you were dead for billions of years. You have this album [Skin by Flume] to guide you along this summer, and you will be dead again, but it will be like returning home because before you were born, you were also dead.”

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