Doug M On Death

Doug M! Doug is currently a camp host with the National Forest Service, a 66yo retired carpenter, and grandfather. He’s a born and bred woodsy mountain type from the Tennessee mountains, near the North Carolina border. His down-to-earth wisdom and speaking style will enchant you, as we weave our way through the four prompts in this lovely conversation.

I hope you enjoy! 🙂

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Doug is…
just Doug,
nothing special,
a carpenter,
a host,
and not the greatest Christian. 

Before Doug dies, he wants…
to go to Yellowstone, Glacier in Canada, and Alaska,
and to see us return to people having more common sense. 

When Doug dies, he wants…
people to say, “He took pride in what he did.” 

After Doug dies, he wants…
a legacy.

In conclusion, Doug says…

Be yourself.

I used to not be myself, I used to try to make everybody else happy. Can’t do that. Just be yourself, be who you are.

Be proud of it.

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