Dayana Pereira On Death

Dayana Pereira! Dayana is a 43yo Feldenkrais practitioner, co-parent, and transplant from Uruguay. I met Dayana, without actually introducing myself, while we alternated between the sauna and ice bath at her healing and wellness center, Koru Real Wellness.

During this conversation, we discuss the tension between her strict religious school upbringing and the Uruguayan wilderness, the difference between reverence and spirituality, and how working as a living statue in Australia taught her the importance of breath.

Dayana is…
here and now,
and waking up.

Before Dayana dies, she wants…
to live life with awareness and love,
to move, breathe, and act in the world at large and in her local community as an agent of change awareness and joy,
and to have fun doing what she does best and to keep learning how to be of service to the expansion of better humans everywhere.

When Dayana dies, she wants…
to breathe and surrender,
to smile,
and to embrace death as a continuation of her life knowing that she lived with awareness of death everyday.

After Dayana dies, she wants…
to be a speck of love in the heart of those that she touched with her presence,
and to be a spark of joy and awareness to whoever remembers her.

In conclusion, Dayana says…

“Smile. Breathe. Look up.”

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