Dave Del Negro On Death

Dave Del Negro! Dave is a 26yo third year medical student, athlete, and teacher. Dave has rotated with me through Internal Medicine and teaches wrestling at our informal fight club. During this conversation, we discuss his early diagnosis of ADHD, the value of competitive American Wrestling, and the subject of suicide.

I hope you enjoy!

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Dave is…
just as odd as most of them,
a student,
someone who has fleeting ideas of grandiosity,
just a competitor,
and too gritty to be bougie.

Before Dave dies, he wants…
to let Mother Earth know he’s been here,
and to accomplish a whole bunch of fun things.

When Dave dies, he wants…
to see the seventies and eighties.

After Dave dies, he wants…
an afterlife that is individualized.

In conclusion, Dave says…

“I hope someone looks back on this as a time capsule: a very interesting era of human history. We lose the ability to analyze things that happen before us. We’re so stubborn to not listen to history.”

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