Colin Kirts On Death – 2020APR23

Colin Kirts! Colin is a 33yo teacher, father, and co-creator of Koru Real Wellness in Doylestown, PA.

During this conversation, we discuss Colin’s Catholic upbringing and how a trip to Scandinavia opened his eyes to the wider world, how he spent the years during his hippie commune phase, and how a rabbi became his elder mentor.

Colin is…
very present,
and comfortable.

Before Colin dies, he wants…
to know he’s contributed enough.

When Colin dies, he wants…
to be conscious in a pleasant way.

After Colin dies, he wants…
to allow for whatever is to happen,
and most people to exist in a way that is mostly pleasurable.

In conclusion, Colin says…

“I firmly believe that the potential for humanity is extraordinary and we haven’t maximized it. We’ve barely even scratched the surface of what’s possible for us as a species and as a global community.”

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