Christina G On Death

Christina G! Christina is a 26yo future surgeon, former Christian, and current leader. She spoke at the Student Clinician’s Ceremony that kicked off my third year of medical school, and ever since then I’ve been itching to sit down with her. In this conversation, we discuss her complicated relationship with a Christian faith, the separation of a cash register, and the importance of integrity.

I hope you enjoy! 🙂

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Christina is…
a future surgeon,
and a female.

Before Christina dies, she wants…
to make an impact on the people around her.

When Christina dies, she wants…
to be content,
to not be alone,
and to be successful.

After Christina dies, she wants…
the other people in her life to be okay.

In conclusion, Christina says…

“Be true to yourself and recognize what your values are. Become self-aware of what those values are and to hold onto those things.

Hopefully those values are good values.

And don’t let anybody shake those values from you.”

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