Chloe Costigan On Death

Chloe Costigan! Chloe is a 31yo physical therapist, teacher, and half-orphan. I met Chloe while interviewing her husband, John Giacalone, and quickly realized she’d be a wonderful guest. During this conversation, we discuss what makes a good clinician, why she considered herself a flight risk, and how she has been shaped by the death of her father at an early age.

Chloe is…
a living being.

Before Chloe dies, she wants
more clarity,
and to help people.

When Chloe dies, she wants
there to be stillness and peace that permeates around her.

After Chloe dies, she wants…
people to continue to benefit from the time she spent on this earth.

In conclusion, Chloe says…

I’ve always identified so strongly with myself as an individual, but I’m beginning to realize more and more that we as individuals make up a community and a variety of communities. I think that one of the best ways to thrive as an individual is by relating to your community and I think that we go about doing that with empathy and vulnerability. I would strongly encourage people to embrace their lives in that way.

It’s like, it’s okay we’re all struggling and struggling becomes a really loose definition for living life as we know it. Honing that sense of community can really give you such a strong foundation for living a life as fulfilling as you want it to be. And, of course, that community can be as broad or as narrow as you want it to be.

But I really think it comes down to vulnerability and empathy. And I really strongly encourage people to embrace those two aspects.

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