Ben Croll On Death

Ben Croll! Ben is a 24yo second year medical student, former EMT, and 2nd Lieutenant in the US Air Force. In this lovely conversation, we talk about everything from Slaughterhouse Five, to what he learned from the passing of his father, and the importance of virtue versus accomplishment. Additionally, you’ll hear his undergrad philosophy background in his thoughtful and intellectually clear responses to the four prompts!

I hope you enjoy 🙂

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Ben is…
a medical student,
and going to accomplish.

Before Ben dies, he wants…
to do something meaningful,
and to enjoy retirement.

When Ben dies, he wants…
a lot of subtle laughter and happiness,
and people to reflect on a life well-lived.

After Ben dies, he wants…

In conclusion, Ben says…

“So, I had a unique upbringing in that most of my town was blue-collar workers: lot of plumbers, electricians, auto mechanics, and a lot of pride in what they do. And personally, for me, if I said to my parents while I was in high school, ‘I want to do more vo-tech stuff and become a plumber.’
And they’d say, ‘Do you want to be a good plumber?’
‘Yeah, I want to be the best plumber.’
‘Good, that’s what counts.’
I think there’s something so underrated in doing the best that you can do.”

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