Bansi Savla On Death Once Again – 2021JAN

Bansi Savla Once Again! Bansi is a 26yo wife, radiation oncology resident, and mother of three ferrets. In the four years since our first interview in May 2016, Bansi has graduated medical school, finished her transitional year of residency, and begun the road to mastery in the field of radiation oncology. In this conversation, we discuss how and why she changed in those four years, the story of her courtship and marriage, and how it is difficult to choose a death when you know how people die these days.

Bansi is…
a resident in radiation oncology,
a wife,
a mother of three ferrets,
a daughter,
a daughter-in-law,
and a neighbor.

Before Bansi dies,
to be a master in her field,
and wants to be okay with where she is.

When Bansi dies,
wants enough time and to be functional enough to say the things she wants to say and do the things she wants to do,
and wants something that lets her down gently.

After Bansi dies,
she wants her kids to be fully functioning and independent people,
and she wants to continue to have omniscient powers.

In conclusion, Bansi says…

Have fun.
Don’t worry.
It’s all good. 
Even when it’s not.
It’s going to be okay.”

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