On revisiting a placeholder

Spring is in the air in Coopersburg, PA. I see bulbs pushing out new growth. The sun has been warm. Next week is the Equinox. We have shut down the fireplace (partially because the chimney is clogged, partially because the weather no longer calls for a large, constant fire).

This week, I’ll revisit the placeholder bullet-points from the previous reflection. I’m going to rejigger the order, because some are more personal and I think should take priority, and others are more for my own documentation of events and a ‘recipe’ for future gatherings.

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Jim Goodreau On Death [REPOST]

Jim Goodreau! Jim is a 71yo retired vascular surgeon, Air Force brat, and grieving father. I met Jim as a coach for my medical school program, SELECT, and I’ve been itching to sit down with him to dig through his rich and profound life experiences. During this conversation, we discuss his time as a Naval surgeon covering a huge swath of patients, his two strokes, and the immense losses of two of his sons.

I hope you enjoy! 🙂

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