Ali-Musa Jaffer On Death

This week On Death, we hear Ali’s thoughtful and well-versed thoughts on the four prompts! He’s a fellow medical student at USF, and we met during the first days of classes. Since then, he’s invited me to Friday prayers, and we’ve had some excellent conversations. I knew he’d be a great guest: he did not disappoint!

Sit back, and enjoy 🙂

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Ali is…
a human being searching for the truth,
and a medical student trying to learn medicine.

Before Ali dies, he wants…
to find the truth,
to leave behind a legacy,
to leave behind a lineage,
and to make sure that his parents have security.

When Ali dies, he wants…
to be doing something good,
not to be doing something bad,
to make sure he’s paid off all his debts,
and to leave behind an inheritance.

After Ali dies, he wants…
God to judge him by His mercy not His justice,
and good for all of humanity.

In conclusion, Ali says…

Follow your heart. Follow what you believe is right. And if you do that… you can say to whatever God there is, “Oh God I followed my heart. I tried to eliminate my ego. I tried to follow what I believed was the truth”… How could God punish you for that?

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