Alex Szymanski On Death

Alex Szymanski! Alex is a 19yo leader, athlete, and Catholic. I met Alex four years ago while coaching for the high school rowing club in New Hampshire. Because of me, he performed many burpees. During this conversation, the importance of sharing experiences, we discuss why he does not fear death, and why respect is the cornerstone of leadership.

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Alex is…
a role model,
a leader,
a good friend,
and an athlete.

Before Alex dies, he wants…
to have an impact,

to serve his community,

good relationships and a family that cares about him,

and to do all the things he wanted to do.

When Alex dies, he wants…
to take that last breath and know he lived a life well-lived.

After Alex dies, he wants…
to be remembered for the merits of his actions.

In conclusion, Alex says…

“Every decision we make is your decision and every action we take is your own.

Don’t be stupid.

I do believe that is one of the better pieces of advice that I’ve been given. We will seldom find ourselves in a hard place.”

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