Alexander Minot On Death – 2020SEP

Alexander Minot! Alexander is a 30yo son, partner, and dog father. I met Alexander in the years after college, through previous guest Adam Arazi. During this conversation, we discuss his Jewish upbringing, the death of his father two years ago, and the challenges of bringing his family together in the wake of that death. I hope you enjoy! 🙂

Alexander is…
a man in the middle of his life, going through a lot of changes and entering the second phase,
and in a good place in his life

Before Alexander dies, he wants…
to leave his world and his family in a better place than before he was there,
to see a lot of parts of the world,
and to build a more meaningful connection with the rest of his family.

When Alexander dies, he wants…
to be surrounded by his family,
and not in a hospital.

After Alexander dies, he wants…
to have something other than nothing.

In conclusion, Alexander says…

“Not everything is as personal as it seems. Everything is not so emotional.
It’s easier to be nice. It’s harder to be a jerk.”

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