Alana Karma On Death Once Again

Alana Karma Returns! Alana is a 22yo survivor, phoenix, and hyperdimensional immortal alien. Since our last conversation 16mo ago, she endured a horrific car accident that left her in a coma, without the use of her left side, and memory issues because of massive brain swelling. Now, just under a year since the crash, she is recovering function and learning new skills.

During this conversation, we cover the long road between the accident and now, why these events might turn her into a better teacher, and how she has learned to appreciate her left side glitches.

I hope you enjoy! 🙂

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Alana is…
definitely a hyperdimensional immortal alien,
surviving everyday,
taking it one day at a time,
and a phoenix.

Before Alana dies, she wants…
to see the world evolve and make significant progress toward advancing as a community,
and to accomplish getting more skilled at silks and firespinning than she was before.

When Alana dies, she wants…
to have inspired people that knew her to be the phoenix versions of themselves,
and to gracefully walk forth into it.

After Alana dies, she wants…
people to be influenced by her story,
to have some impact on individual souls in this way,
for the earth to be revived,
and for the earth to transcend its current state.

In conclusion, Alana says…

“I just want to thank you all for doing your thing and living and existing. I truly hope that maybe today or maybe tomorrow you decide to be the better version of yourself and make the best choices and make the choices that benefit the greater whole not just yourself.

Make better choices, basically.

Feel better, do good things, give to somebody, tell somebody you love them, tell them your feels, pursue happiness, remember that today or tomorrow might be your last day. You don’t really know. And may Mother Gaia bless your experience on this earth.”

9 thoughts on “Alana Karma On Death Once Again

  1. When you enter into the “Sky world”( the ‘Zone” between the living(seeing world) and the Spirit world( the unseen world), the positive energies that ONE had put out(shared) flows back to you in the sky world. this power allows you with others prayers to return to this earth life if you choose! The lessons you gained while sky walking come back to you when It is time to teach within that framework! That is prove of purpose, and proof of another REALM beyond this one! signed kevin smith (Alana’s great uncle). P.S> One Indian (native traditional ) ceremony called “The Blessing Way” allows us here in this world to feed and help those “walking between worlds”! I am a member of a ancient Native medicine society, Mohawk/ false face medicine society… I have come back a couple of times…

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